Expressions from people who have been there, and come out the other side!


Anna offered me an understanding space whree I was able to talk openly about my feelings. I really felt that she listened with empathy and in a non-judgemental way and this enabled me to fully explore my concerns and my hopes. Though it was at times undoubtedly challenging, with Anna there to share my story with I felt heard and supported which was the very thing I needed to findĀ  my own solutions. – Rod –


Here is someone who genuinely gives a damn. I felt I was talking and connecting with a real person and that is an experience that will stay with me. – Hazel –


I felt like a new me, like I’ve had an upgrade. I feel stronger, more resourceful and much happier. Why doesn’t everyone have counselling! – Jack –


I found Anna to be compassionate and very understanding. She was both attentive and respectful which made it easier for me to share the things that were on my mind. I am very grateful for her supportive manner. – Jenny –